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Querent - A Queer Spirituality Conference

The word queer can have many meanings and connotations. For some people, queer is a word to be reclaimed, another way of saying LGBT. For others, it means something more. It can represent those that reject the notion of binary gender, sex defined roles, or social constructions of gender identity. Further still, some LGBT people bristle at the word. In the context of Querent: A Queer Spirituality Conference, queer means all of the above. It also means outside of the mainstream. The spirituality explored, shared, and practiced at Querent isn't the spirituality that is found in traditional organized religion, primarily because many LBGTQ+ people have found that the mainstream religions didn't want them or that mainstream religions didn't speak to them.

As a result, many queer people have sought spiritual alternatives. For a lot of LGBTQ+ people, alternative paths such as Paganism, Witchcraft, and the New Age have held an attraction. While these paths are quite welcoming to the LGBT community, the mythos and practices are often heterocentric in their outlook. As a result, queer spiritual practitioners have found ways to shape their own spiritual paths, inspired by ancient myth, tribal practices, and modern frameworks such as ceremonial magick, neopaganism and wicca.

"Whether gay pagan religions become an integral part of gay society or not, its nice to know that some of us, as gay people, can, in this ancient and happy way, through a religion that glorifies the life-style that we have chosen to live, try our hand at helping to recreate that time of bliss which once existed under the Great Mother, and aid in the re-balancing of our diseased world." -- Edmund Buczynski, Witchcraft and the Homosexual (1977)

Querent strives to create a safe and accepting atmosphere where queer spiritual practitioners can come together and share their experiences, thoughts, and practices. Querent features workshops, rituals, vendors, social events, and hospitality suites where attendees can spend time networking with and learning about various LGBT focused spiritual communities. It is also the vision of the organizers of this conference to create a space where members of the LGBTQ spiritual community can recharge their batteries and return to their communities empowered to bring spiritual insight and nourishment to the large queer community.

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Querent is very much a community focused conference. Our attendees make life long friends and develop an on-going spiritual support network during the conference. To better facilitate making and maintaining these vital interpersonal connections, we maintain a variety of online communities and communications. Querent sends our regular newsletters that keep attendees and interested parties informed about upcoming events. You can subscribe above. In addtion, we have a Facebook page where we post regular updates. There is also a Querent Facebook discussion group which you can join.