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Hosting a Party Room/Hospitality Suite

Community involvement is a huge part of Querent. Party rooms or hospitality suites are a huge part of the conference experience. These suites are typically paid for a by an organization or a group within a common tradition to host social events, small rituals and informal meetings. We have a limited number of suites available as part of our room block.

To be clear, this is not about having a party in your hotel room.

Reservations for the suites in our block must go through the Ordo Aeternus Vovin. To host a hospitality suite, you must contact us and tell us about your group and a little bit about what you're planning. You will need a responsible party whose name we can put the suite reservation under. 

The hotel requires that food or beverage being served as part of an event held in a suite be arranged and purchased from the hotel. Once the suite is reserved in your group's name, we will also provide you a contact to assist with that. 

Closer to the event, we'll ask for a schedule of events for your suite to be included in the guidebook, if you wish. We'll also ask for a small blurb about your group or organization.  We also plan to list the hospitality suites on the web site as we approve them.