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Giving Readings at Querent


Presenters Reading

We encourage presenters that would like to provide readings to do so. Querent provides a table in the sun garden area to be used by presenters that wish to give readings. We maintain a schedule of available time at the registration table. Presenters may update the book with times that they wish to be available for readings. Attendees that want to get a reading from a presenter may sign up for an available time slot in the book at the registration table. Cost and method of payment are to be arranged between the person getting the reading and the presenter. We provide this service as a thank you to our presenters for taking the time to share their knowledge and experience with our community through workshops and rituals

Other Readers

Others wishing to vend readings at Querent should register as a vendor. We recommend the 6 foot table spaces in either outside the vendor room or in the ballroom foyer for reading. Reading for a fee outside the vending area is prohibited.