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Querent 2017 Programs

Activist Spirit

Presented By: Rich Wandel

From simple picket lines to sit-ins, arrests and police violence, a personal history of early LGBT activism with a look to the spiritual side of it all.

Akashic Record workshop – Own who you are and get powered up

Presented By: Jacki Smith

The Akashic records are the collective cosmic mind – sounds daunting big and unrelated to today’s life, doesn’t it?  Simply put, your Akashic records are the place in the astral realm where you can access all information about you today, your past lives, your future lives and generations of your current genetic history

As we survive the storm of life’s continuing crisis, we will use the Akashic records to help understand who we are today and strengthen our sense of self.  Jacki will introduce you to your own record room and take you through the tools there and how to use them. 

The Amethyst Pentacle: Life Passages and Queer Spirit

Presented By: Storm Faerywolf

We were often our own best-kept secrets, hidden underneath a glamor of our own conjuring, to shield ourselves from the pains and pressures of a world that is most often hostile to our existence. This glamor can become a prison, stunting our growth if we are not careful. As people of magic we draw upon symbols and ritual in order to shape our lives in a conscious way, and also to delve deep and see where our strengths and weaknesses lie. The Amethyst Pentacle is a ritual tool for LGBTQI people to examine our unique journeys into self-awareness, and on into divine empowerment. We will examine each point and what they represent and then engage the pentacle in ritual to explore what it means to be divinely queer.

Betwixt & Between: Exploring the Faery Tradition of Witchcraft

Presented By: Storm Faerywolf

The Faery tradition of witchcraft is a wildly diverse path of magic. Stemming from the teachings of the late Victor & Cora Anderson, Faery draws inspiration and power from many sources and offers those who would practice its hidden ways an opportunity to embrace the shining realm of Enchantment. Using material from Storm's new book, "Betwixt & Between", we will discuss some of the basics of this often-misunderstood path and perform a rite to invoke the Old Powers for personal blessing, development, and a deepening of our own witch power.

Cincinnati Queer Yoga: Widening Circles of Access

Presented By: Trisha Durham, MA, E-RYT 200, Cincinnati Queer Yoga

Nothing in yoga has to be perfectly straight. This workshop is designed to introduce attendees to the benefits of gentle yoga and mindfulness breathing. 

CQY is not about achieving nice looking yoga postures or being flexible. It is about learning to feel safe and present in your body in a supportive environment. No yoga experience is necessary. Come as you are, breathe as you are, be as you are. CQY is a queer positive yoga space. All identities, expression, bodies, abilities welcome. Radically inclusive, useful yoga so we can all just breathe and move.

“Yoga is queer in its notion of time. To be truly present, even for a second, without past or future hovering, to connect into the cosmic oneness, is to subvert all that seems permanent, and the most formidable institution of false permanence is gender. When we segment ourselves into two gender camps we are only reinforcing the seperation we attempt to dissolve on the mat.”

Cincinnati Queer Yoga is a community for those who may have experienced the following:

•  If you ever felt like you didn’t belong in a yoga studio.

•  You do not see people who look like you doing yoga.

•  Your ways of moving in your body feel non-normative and you want to explore that.

•  You want to socialize or gather somewhere other than a bar.

•  You would like to practice yoga sans the chanting and cultural appropriation.

CQY acknowledges that its focus is on sharing a yoga practice that is based on the physical postures (asanas) and mindfulness breathing (pranayama), however, “yoga” is a whole spiritual system that goes far beyond just the physical. CQY acknowledges the cultural appropriation of the system of yoga that has and does occur here in the Western world.

Don’t be a dick and other basics of building your personal ethics in a brutal world.

Presented By: Jacki Smith

How do you walk a path that is true to your spirit and not lose your soul along the way?  Who you are today and who you are evolving into in the future is built off of your personal values and ethics. Jacki Smith shares her tools to help you uncover what your values & ethics really are and dive into their origins to see if they fit who you want to be.   Bring a pencil and something to write on, Jacki loves to give a good handout.

The Familiar Craft

Presented By: Devin Hunter

The Familiar Craft: The magical and psychic art of working with the spirit beings and frequencies that reside in all realms of existence, including our own. Working with the material in his latest book, The Witch’s Book of Spirits, Devin explores the three magical arts that together make The Familiar Craft; Soul Flight, Mediumship and Conjuration. Learn techniques to enhance your natural psychic abilities as well as your command over the spirit worlds.

Gender and Generations: Rights of Passage and Gender Identity

Presented By: Eric Eldritch

For twenty years Eldritch has worked with Rites of Passage ceremonies, Men's Gatherings and community rituals with the Radical Faerie, Four Quarters interfaith Sanctuary, Circle Sanctuary and BlueRidge Beltaine communities. This discussion helps to conceptualize complementary frameworks for sex, orientation, gender and gender role in an ever evolving world. Drawing on experience transforming neo-pagan ceremony,  using a "Maypole for All" as an example, Eldritch leads discussions that promote introspection and inspiration for creating rites relevant for coming generations of individuals who identify as Queer, LGBTIAS2S, gender-non-conforming and gender-fluid. Let's prepare for the ever Queering Generations to Come!

Get Crafty with Karen - Beads!

Presented By: Karen E. Martin

Spirituality can be serious business, but it can also be fun and creative. In this hands-on workshop, you will design and create a set of beads for whatever magical purpose you choose. A typical set of spell beads will be approximately 10 inches long and can be displayed by hanging in your home, on an altar, outdoors, from the rearview mirror - anywhere you choose.

You may decide to create:

  •  Spell Beads - Beads that focus on a specific concept, such as Abundance, Love, Tranquility, and so on. Come with a concept or spell in mind, or see what inspiration strikes as you look over the selection of beads.
  • Dedication Beads - Beads for your altar, a specific deity, the ancestors, a favorite holiday or season, or dedicated to some other spiritual purpose.
  •  Fairy Catcher - "Ooh, shiny!" Make something fun for the fairies, whether it's for the kitchen window, your backyard, or a favorite outdoor retreat.
  •  Querent 2017 Keepsake - Create a pre-designed set of beads that celebrate the inaugural Querent 2017 Conference.
  •  Something else? Perhaps you'd to make a mala (prayer beads), a bracelet, a keychain, or something else entirely...bring your ideas, and let's talk.
No experience necessary! Beading is a simple craft almost anyone can do and achieve beautiful results. Brief instruction and assistance will be provided. And if you're truly all left thumbs, I can help you from start to finish (as time permits). I will have several examples from my own personal practice on hand to spark the imagination. Do bring reading glasses if you use them - some of these beads are small!

A materials fee of $5-10 (as you can afford) is requested to help cover costs, please. Materials provided will include stringing wire or cord (many types available), tools, findings (such as clasps), and an assortment of beads large enough to indicate that I might have a serious beading problem. Please note that I do not carry a selection of charms or pendants; however, you can easily add a special pendant of your choosing at a later time when you find the perfect one for your creation.

Lavendar Love Spells

Presented By: Devin Hunter

Love magic is tricky, but love magic for LGBTQ people can be even trickier. Summoning the perfect cub in a sea of otters or the right dom if you’re the lonely sub can be a perplexing situation. Join Devin Hunter for this intimate workshop about the magic it takes to land that special someone. Topics will include: the most important love spell you will ever cast, spells for seduction, spells for attention, spells to attract a partner, spells to summon a lover, and same-sex and non-gender binary sex magic.

Magick 101: A Wiccan View

Presented By: Rich Wandel

The theory, method, ethics, and experience of magick from a Wiccan point of view.

Magickal Defense Against the Homophobic Arts

Presented By: Devin Hunter

 LGBTQ discrimination is still a very real issue for many in the world, unforgivingly destroying lives and leaving us feeling powerless in its wake. Join Devin Hunter for this candid workshop about the magic you need to level the playing field. Topics include: every day LGBTQ protection magic, magic for combatting discrimination in the workplace & your community, righteous rituals for turning anger and fear into a powerful weapon, and working with queer ancestors who are still fighting.

Masked Ball

Presented By: Ordo Aeternus Vovin

Our Masked Ball is the social highlight of Querent.  Come dressed in as elaborate of a costume as you wish, dance to our DJ and socialize. The Masked Ball features music, dancing, a cash bar, and light refreshments. 

Opening Ceremony

Presented By: Julian Crosson-Hill & Members of the Querent Community

The opening ceremony will be held on Friday evening.  During this time, we'll introduce our staff and volunteers that make Querent possible. Then we'll set the sacred tone for our event with an opening ceremony consisting of short meditations, chants, songs and more facilitated by members of various spiritual traditions.

Opening Reception

Presented By: Ordo Aeternus Vovin

Following the opening ceremony, we'll have a social mixer and opening reception in the Sungarden sponsored by the Ordo Aeternus Vovin.  The reception will feature a cash bar (drink tickets will be sold for beer and wine. Soda will be complimentary) and light food.  A local musical quintet will provide entertainment. Come mingle and meet other attendees, talk with the members of the community that facilitated the opening ceremony and begin sharing ideas and experiences.

Queering the Great Rite

Presented By: Literata Hurley

Wicca is one of the most accepting religions when it comes to including queer folks, but at the same time one of its core rituals, the Great Rite, is full of heteronormative symbolism. We will discuss why the Great Rite matters, how it can be done in queer ways, and the implications for Wiccan theology and practice overall.

The Riddle Scale - 8 Responses to Difference as foundation for Queer life and ministry

Presented By: Eric Eldritch

"The Riddle Scale" provides an paradigm for Queer Spirituality by exploring personal reactions toward difference, and the reactions others have to the differences we present. The scale provides a framework for understanding the subtle and not so subtle messages that we see in daily life. The Riddle scale is an eight term scale associated with an adult's reaction to a perception of difference in another individual.  Reactions, as evidenced by the perceiver’s actions and words, are based on the external attributes perceived and the internal beliefs they hold. Though reactions occur daily and vary person by person, and it is important to identify messages,  understand cues  and deliver considered responses. Group exercises and examples are useful for Queer Pagans to consider in both interfaith settings, and everyday life to identity and respond to difference (Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Age, Sexuality, Religion).

The Rite of the Cosmic Weaver

Presented By: Devin Hunter

At birth our souls cross the starry threshold woven by the Cosmic Weaver, connecting the world of mortals with the planes of spirit. As souls move from one plane to the next the Cosmic Weaver, known to some as Grandmother Spider or Spider Mother, attaches a silken thread of spirit to each of us. These threads, sometimes referred to as Aka threads or Etheric cords, connect all of us in a great cosmic web. In this rite we will access the web and call upon the Cosmic Weaver to influence it and help us strengthen the bonds of self and community. Join Devin Hunter and friends for this unique and powerful ritual.

Soul Parts – Putting the pieces back together.

Presented By: Jacki Smith

Every day, every trauma, every emotional experience we shed a few soul parts or trade them out with another to establish a connection to their energy or them to ours.  After a while it becomes a jumbled up mess that need some TLC to get us back on track.  Jacki takes you on a journey into your Akashic Records to connect to, heal, realign and call back all of your soul parts and clear you of pieces that don’t belong to you.   This is a great class to take at any time as you feel tuned up, energized, empowered and stronger when we are done. 

Stirring the Queer Spirit

Presented By: Eric Eldritch

An ecstatic ritual, bardic circle and drum circle.  Bring poetry, prose and song as Eldritch leads the Querent Community in stirring the Queer spirit.

Those Who Have Gone Before

Presented By: Alaric Albertsson

When we think of ancestors, most of us find our thoughts go immediately to our genetic pedigree.  Our blood ancestors are indeed important - we would not exist were it not for them - but in our modern, mobile society our lives have been shaped by many people with whom we have no significant blood relationship.  Participants in this workshop will explore their relationships with various kinds of ancestors.  The workshop will conclude with a brief rite honoring those who have brought us to where we are today.

Understanding Runes

Presented By: Alaric Albertsson

What exactly are runes?  Where did they come from?  Alaric Albertsson discusses the origins and lore of three rune sets: the Elder Futhark, the Younger Futhark and the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc.  The workshop will explore what we really know about these Germanic symbols.  Alaric's four-step system takes some of the struggle out of mastering the runic mysteries.

What Language Are We Speaking?

Presented By: Alaric Albertsson

As a Saxon Pagan, Alaric sometimes encounters people who confuse “Anglo-Saxon” with “white”.  But Anglo-Saxon refers to a culture, not a race.  In this workshop Alaric will talk about Saxon Paganism and how some of its basic, fundamental concepts are embedded in the English language.  Alaricwill also touch on his personal journey with the Anglo-Saxon gods and goddesses, from the first experience that led him to Paganism in 1971 to his relationship with them today.

The Winged Serpent: The Divine Twins and the Blue God of Faery

Presented By: Storm Faerywolf

A central figure in the varied mythos of the Faery witchcraft tradition is that of the androgynous Blue God of sensuality and divinity, the beloved child of the Star Goddess. Said to have been formed by the joining of “two bright spirits” within Her womb and then “perfected into God”, the Blue God is most often invoked in two forms: the youthful Dian y Glas, who is the spark of divinity within all of humankind, and the powerful Melek Ta’us who is the full spectrum of all human potential. 

We will touch upon various myths of the Divine Twins and how they inform our understanding of the God of Faery. Then we will perform a simple ritual to bring all parts of ourselves together and tap into our inner Blue God to receive messages, blessings, and a deeper knowledge of our own true potential.