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About Querent

Querent is a queer spirituality conference for LGBTQI practitioners of various paths of alternative spirituality, their allies, and supporters. The first annual Querent is being held April 14-17, 2017 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Each year, Querent is held over the Easter weekend.  Querent is an inclusive event that welcomes everyone that identifies as "queer" or is comfortable in queer sacred space.

Querent begins on Friday at noon and ends on Monday.  The event provides a queer affirming and safe space to explore various spiritual paths through workshops, rituals, vendors, and social events. As a community oriented event, Querent also features parties and other events hosted by various LGBTQI groups in various hospitality suites during the event. There is also a literature table where attendees can pick up information about the various groups, presenters and paths represented at Querent. The workshops and rituals are given by members of the LGBTQI community and anyone may submit a proposal to present at Querent.

Querent is also a trans welcoming space. It is expected during Querent that workshops, rituals and other events will be available to attendees according to their preferred gender (or none if they prefer!).