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Querent Guidelines & Policies

In order to provide a safe and welcoming space for all attendees, we have some simple guidelines and policies that we ask all attendees to read and follow. Additionally, we have some additional guidelines specific to vending or presenting at Querent. These guidelines can be found under their respective headings.

Alcohol & Tobacco

Use of alcohol  and tobacco is  limited to adults of legal age in the State of Ohio. Our host hotel is a non-smoking facility. Smokers will need to go outside to smoke. Additionally, attendees from out of state should be aware that Ohio does not permit smoking in any public building including bars. Please use alcohol in moderation consistent with the spiritual orientation of the conference. Public drunkenness is disrespectful and will not be tolerated. If you do not drink alcohol and are passed a chalice during a ritual that contains alcohol, simply ask a silent blessing and pass the chalice along. If have you have substance abuse issues that require special consideration, please make your concerns known ahead of time to the person in charge of the ritual. Querent strives to be inclusive to everyone so you may also make your concerns known to the event organizers. We will make safe spaces for those that do not drink, if requested to do so.


Querent is open to attendance to everyone aged 18 and up who identifies as LGBTQI, their allies, and supporters. Our goal is to create an inclusive and cohesive community where queer people may explore various aspects of spiritual practice tailored to their needs. Attendance at Querent requires registration and the purchase of a full-event ticket, day pass or masked ball only ticket. The vendor room, however, is open to the general public.


Ritual garb is not only allowed but encouraged! Please keep in mind, that we do share our host hotel with other guests. If your costume for the Masked Ball or ritual garb is revealing, please think about covering up while in the more public areas of the hotel out of respect to the other guests.


Communications and networking amongst attendees are one of the hallmarks of Querent. If you have any ideas, concerns or problems, please speak to one of the organizers or the facilitator. We ask that all attenees and groups respect the open and trusting nature of community and refrain from pressuring other attendees to join workshops, rituals, events, or organizations. A literature table will be provided near the vendor room for the display and distribution of organization and event literature. 


Most of all, Querent is about community. Help us build a cooperative community spirit. Strive to make new friends, attend workshops and rituals, socialize at the many hospitality suites and learn from one another. Treat each other with respect and be considerate of each other's needs and personal space. 


Please do not bring them to Querent.

General Guidelines

Querent is sponsored by and organized by the Ordo Aeternus Vovin, a spirtual order for gay and bisexual men. The OAV and its initiates govern themselves according to the Law of Thelema which emphasizes respect for one another as gods in our own right and a strong sense of personal responsibility. It is our intention to run Querent as Thelemically as possible. Please keep this in mind and consider how your actions will affect others and the conference and be responsible for yourself first and foremost.

Illegal Drugs

Illegal drugs do not belong at Querent. It is the policy of the organizers to report any illegal activity to the authorities and to permanently ban anyone involved in illegal conduct from future events.

Limited Access Events

While the goal of Querent is to provide as inclusive of an environment as possible, we recognize that some mysteries and traditions need safe space that is open only to a subset of attendees.  We will allow presenters to propose workshops and rituals that are closed to particular gender with an important caveat. All workshops that specify "Women Only" or "Men Only" shall be open to everyone that self-identifies as such. 

Private rooms including hospitality suites run by community groups are not subject to this policy when they have closed or private events. Some groups may wish to have private events for initiates of their tradition only, private sky clad rituals or other closed events in their private rooms and Querent will not interfere with these private events. 


Please remember that our host hotel has other guests who are not participating in Querent. Please be respectful of other guests in the evenings by keeping noise down. 


Our host hotel does allow pets. Please coordinate with the hotel directly regarding any additional room deposits and rules.  We ask that you do not bring pets to workshops, rituals, the vendor room and other Querent public events as not all attendees are comfortable around animals.

Photography and Electronic Recording

In order to protect the privacy of the attendees and the integrity of Querent and the Ordo Aeternus Vovin, if you wish to take photographs or movies (including with cell phone cameras, digital video recorders or other media) or make audio recordings for your own personal use, you must abide by the following:

  • All persons who may appear in the photograph or recording must grant you their permission. Likewise, if you do not wish to be photographed or recorded, you must speak up and let the photographer and/or recorder know of your wishes.
  • Photographing or recording workshops or rituals is not permitted.
  • Photographs or recordings of sexual activity is not permitted.
  • If you share photographs on social media or in the Querent social media groups, please do not tag other attendees. Instead, let those appearing in photographs decide for themselves whether or not they wish to tag themselves.
Some photography and/or recording will be done by the Ordo Aeternus Vovin and Querent staff for archival and marketing purposes. If you have any questions, please speak with the facilitator or the staff photographer/recorder. 

Ritual Etiquette

Generally speaking, the rituals at Querent are participatory in nature and involve the creation of sacred space that should not be entered or exited once the ritual has begun. You should not arrive late for a ritual and if you do, you may be denied access to the ritual space. Cell phones and beepers should be silenced or turned off. Pictures and recordings of rituals are not permitted. Burning of incense, smudge, candles or any type of open flame is not permitted in the hotel. 


It is an important part of community that everyone looks at for one another. Having said that, you are personally responsible for yourself and your possessions while at Querent. Neither the Ordo Aeternus Vovin, the Querent staff, the host hotel, or the hotel staff can be held liable for any personal injury or loss occurring during events at and/or connected with the conference. Our host hotel has laptop safes in each room and we recommend securing any valuables when they are not on your person.

Sexual Etiquette

It is not unusual for people to make new connections at cons or conferences. In order to ensure that Querent remains a safe environment for all, attendees must respect the sovereignty of each individual in the disposition of his own body, while also being mindful of the consequences of his/her own decisions in that regard. There it is very important to keep some things in mind:


Please practice safe(r) sex. Use condoms and dental dams as your conscience and/or judgment dictates. If you engage in other styles of play, please consider following the concept of RACK - Risk Aware Consensual Kink. If you have questions about RACK, please ask a member of the Querent staff.

Workshops & Rituals

Workshops, ritual and public events at Querent mustbe pre-approved by the Querent community council in advance. If you wish to make a change in programming during the conference, you must first obtain the approval of the Querent facilitator.